Commuting Mill

Communuting mill is used for downsizing of granules or for size reduction. It has large application in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Machine has one rotor with knife edges which rotate on horizontal axis. There is one half round sieve mounted at the bottom of the rotor / blade. Material is charged from the top through in feed hopper and material falls on the rotor blades. Due to the knife edges mounted on rotor, the downsizing of particle takes place and through sieve material gets pushed outward from the bottom opening. Knife edges can be removed for cleaning very easily.
Octagonal Blenders.
Salient Features :

Simplified design and construction which is maintenance free.
All contact parts are from S.S. 316 and rest from S.S. 304
For dust free system, gaskets can be used at in feed mouth and at the outlet mouth of the sifter.
High through put obtained due to impact forces of the rotating blades.
Ease of cleaning.
Castor wheel which are PU coated with stainless steel brackets and thrust bearings ensures easy movement of the mill in the production area.
Model SCU-16 SCU-32
 Screen Size
 495 mm x 135 mm
495 mm x 270 mm
 Output / Hr
50 - 800 Kg / hour depending
upon the sieve and the product
100 - 2,000 Kg / hour depending
 upon the sieve and the product
7.5 HP
15 HP
 Rotor Speed
1,000 / 2,250 / 4,500 rpm
1,000 / 2,250 / 4,500 rpm
 Material of contact parts
S.S. 316
S.S. 316
Non contact parts
S.S. 304
S.S. 304
Material Charging height
1,700 mm
1,700 mm
 Material discharge height
( L x B x H)
900 mm
900 mm
 Overall dimension
750 mm x 1,230 mm x 1,700 mm
1,350 mm x 1,600 mm x 1,760 mm
 Net Weight
500 Kg
700 Kg
Equipments For Solid Dosage Production Scale
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Commuting Mill
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