Container Tumbler


Conta blenders or Container tumblers are used mainly for blending of dry powders for capsule plant, for blending and homogenizing of dried granules for tablet production. This is a closed and contained system where by a single step transfer material from Container of the Conta blender is transferred to the tablet press hopper. In granulation room the dry granules enter to the container for blending through a dust free connection and the same container is loaded over to the blender for blending. This same container after blending raised over the tablet press for unloading in to the tablet press hoppers.
These granules can be mixed and lubricated in this blender. Main advantage of this system is that it is totally dust free. Also another advantage is adaptability of this system to handle more than one sizes of bunkers or containers. For example Conta blender designed for 600 its container can also be used to handle 400 its to 600 its of container (for granules weight from 160 to 250 Kg). This adaptability makes it a very useful machine for any tablet or capsule plant.
Octagonal Blenders. Octagonal Blenders. Octagonal Blenders. Octagonal Blenders.
Container Tumbler with Vertical Lift (CBL)
Salient Features of Conta Blender / Container Tumbler

Container is skewed by 30° in the vertical plane before it is being raised for blending. Horizontal skew axis is 10°. This dual blending axis results in gyratory motion for proper blending.
Use of square or rectangular container ensures material going from one side to another as it is rotated ensuring perfect blending.
Bins designed as per EURO standards and are made as per latest CGMP standards.
In built lifting arrangement for containers.
Container Tumbler with Vertical Sift (CBL).
Conta blender with 150 liters container
Container Tumbler with Vertical Sift (CBL).
Conta blender with 250 liters container
Safety Features :
The container locking arm has a proximity switch which prevents the drive to run unless the locking arm is properly locked. Unless the container is securely locked the drive wont run.
Entire working area of the blender is protected by a railing all around with a gate and single entry point for the bin in such a way that if the railing fencing is made to open the drive will stop immediately. 
Presence of the container in the lock area is sensed thus if container is not placed properly in the fork arm than sensor will not allow the blender to start.
There is a landing 0 degree clock sensor with brake to assist lowering of container vertically.
If blender stops due to power shutdown than when you start it back after resumption of power the blender will run only for the remaining time and not total time. For example if the blender is set to run for 20 minutes and after 8 minutes if the power goes off than when you restart the blender after resumption of power the blender will run for remaining 1 2 minutes only and not total 20 minutes again.
All drives and pulleys are adequately guarded.
Method of Operation
Container has four castors at the bottom on which one can roll it comfortably under the cage blender frame. For heavy containers, one can use fork lift pallet truck to transfer the containers.
After bringing it under the frame, operate the hydraulic drive system which lifts the bottom platform and this bottom platform lifts the container along with its castor wheel and it raises the container till it gets locked with the top frame positively. This activates a sensor which than allows the blender to start.
After blending time is over the container stops exactly in a position where container is vertical position and then it could be lowered on it's four wheels.
Container tumbler with angular lift (CBT)

Container Tumbler with Vertical Sift (CBL).

Container Tumbler with Vertical Sift (CBL).

Container Tumbler with Vertical Sift (CBL).
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