Lifting & Tipping Device

Lifting & Tippling Device. 
Lifting & Tippling Device.
Lifting and tipping device is a hydraulic device which is having an arm used for lifting and turning FBD bowl by 180. Thus it is used to empty FBD bowl in the cyclone sifter cum multimill. The operation is completely dust free and eliminates manual handling or scooping.
Lifting & Tippling Device. Lifting & Tippling Device. Lifting & Tippling Device.
Application :
To unload fluid bed dryer bowl material in to Cone mill OR Multi mill OR Oscillating granulator in a dust free way for downsizing o dry milling.

Safety Requirements :
If the power goes OFF, the tipper remains where it was.
If the hydraulic pipe gets cut even if accidentally, the tipper does not come down immediately.
Limit switches are provide to stop the hydraulic drive when the stroke is completed.

Salient Features : 
Rack and pinion arrangement for tilting with a single point pivot ensures GMP with ease of operations.
360 degree swiveling of vertical mast with vertical lift and tippling ensures motion in all three dimensions as required.
Fitted with a 200 m diameter butterfly valve at bottom with silicon rubber seat.
Hydraulic power pack can be mounted over the mezzanine floor so the column of the tipper acts as a pendent and through the hollow pivot shaft, hydraulic lines along with electric cables can travel above the working
Suitable view glass window is provided on the conical tapering portion of the tipper, which acts like a view windows.
Can be provided with pneumatic actuator for opening or closing butterfly valve without reaching for it by pneumatic controls.
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