Rapid Mixer & Wet Granulator

SARAL Rapid Mixer and Wet Granulator is a very precision machine, performing dry mixing and wet granulation in the same bowl in only 6 to 20 minutes. The entire operation is fully dust-free and automatic including discharge. All parts coming in contact with mix are of stainless steel 316 quality and are highly polished. Drive motors, electrical control panel and control station are supplied in non flame-proof as well as flame-proof construction, as per client's requirement. In case of flame proof construction, the control panel should be located in low risk area.

Machine is supplied with staircase made from SS 304 pipe and SS 304 embossed sheet for anti silp property. SS 304 pipe hand railing is also provided.
All components coming in contact with the product mix are made from SS 316 quality are highly polished. (We can supply machine with contact parts in any other quality of stainless steel on specific request). There are two impellers inside the bowl. Main impeller runs in horizontal plane and chopper or granulation impeller runs in vertical plane. Top lid is openable by hand with the help of balancing weight. It can also be operated by means of air cylinder instead of using balance weight.

RMG 65 lits with FLP controls and PLC automation
Chopper shaft is coupled to chopper motor by means of flexible coupling. Chopper housing is entirely made of S. S. having air purging and special seals. It is entirely made of S. S.

Main impeller is having unique design and blade angle, thus pushing the material radially outward. Face width of blade is also more. Entire impeller is thoroughly machined. Each of the blades are machined unlike others who use fabricated blades. Main impeller sits on a dial plate type main shaft with single central locking nut This a unique dial plate mounting design facilitates very easy removal of impeller.
Machine has a discharge outlet with Pneumatic cylinder.
Discharge piston has profile exactly matching with the vessel interior, giving a perfect sealing arrangement. Discharge piston along with end flange can be swung open and complete cleaning of discharge pipe, piston and it's seal is possible.

RMG 400 lits with PLC controls being loaded through inline turbo sifter
We can also provide main impeller lifting arrangement by which main impeller can be lifted by hydraulic cylinder by 100 millimeter during washing. With this cleaning and visual inspection for validation process for main impeller cleaning can be done easily.
Mixing bowl lid has two openings, one for addition of paste and other for viewing granulation process. A vent is provided to release pressure in the vessel during mixing and granulation by a filter of 5 micron. It is easily washable.

RMG 750 lits with PLC automation
All belts, pulleys and transmission system are adequately guarded with suitable covers.
Machine can't be started if the top lid is open due to a proximity sensor.
Machine can't be started if the air pressure is below the set value.
Machine can't be started if the discharge flange is open for cleaning due to a proximity sensor.
If main impeller is lifted upward for cleaning or for visual inspection during validation of cleaning, the machine can't be switched ON.
Machine can't be started unless Fluid bed trolley us kept underneath discharge assembly.
Main impeller being lifted by 100 mm during wash
Automation through Programmable Logic Controller of Allen Bradley make with pass word protection.
1. Main impeller can be lifted by hydraulic cylinder by 100 millimeter during washing. Using this feature the main impeller gets lifted up by a hydraulic cylinder by actuating an electric switch so that cleaning and visual inspection for validation process for main impeller cleaning can be done easily. See drawing attached to understand this feature.
2. Automation of RMG operation by means of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Details are attached herewith for your reference. We can also do PC based automation.
3. CIP wash system or clean in process system can be supplied which can be either PLC controlled or manual depending upon the user's requirement. FR washing principle (similar to domestic washing machines for clothes) ensures that bottom side of each blade of main impeller is cleaned properly during wash cycle.  
4. Machine with mechanical seals to enable vacuum loading of material.
5. Jacketed vessel for heating/cooling. Solvent recovery can be done by a separate condenser.
6. Binder solution adding arrangement with triclover fitted for easy removal. The same arrangement can be utilized for CIP wash.
7. We can provide variable speed drive (AC drive) for main and chopper impellers where by as per program both impellers will run at the set speed. With this drive one can achieve any rpm between 50 and 4500 to meet the requirement of any formulation composition.
8. Main drive can be made to run on hydraulic motor so that main impeller RPM can be varied infinitely. With this and a tilting provision the high shear mixer can be used as a single pot processor where with mechanical seals vacuum drying of the wet mass can be done. Hydraulic tilting of entire bowl from 30° on either side with hot air purging enables quicker drying.
Working Cycle :
Dry mixing : 2 to 4 minutes
Wet granulation : 4 to 15 minutes
Discharge : 30 to 60 minutes
Complete cycle : 6 to 20 minutes
RMG 600 fits with PLC automation
RMG 25 lits, R&D model
Single pot processor (150 kg) showing high shear mixer granulator with heating jacket for main bowl and lid being loaded by vacuum along with vacuum drying system
RMG 600 lits discharging wet granules to a Cone Mill for downsizing
Single pot processor (25 kg) showing high shear mixer granulator heating jacket for main bowl and lid and vacuum drying system
HSM 2600 liters
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