Fully Automatic Coating Systems

Automatic Equipment for Core Coating in Pan
Process Filters :

Special design of baffles
 Applications :
Coater type SCS can be used to coat pallets, granules and tablets.
Coater is designed for the application of :
Film coating with organic solvent
Film coating with aqueous coating
Sugar coating

Autocoater SCS 900 With swing type boom

Automated process
Conforms to cGMS
Flexible batch operations
Product protective handling to prevent clipping of tablets
Complete separation of production and technical area
Extremely user friendly software and operation through PLC
Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of baffles
Made up of entirely of S.S. 316
Advanced CIP system
Treatment of exhaust for pollution free operation
Spray System
Very efficient spray generated by WALTHER spray guns. The spray nozzle can be mounted over the trolley and the spray nozzle arm can be completely withdrawn from the coater using the trolley.

Film Coating
Coating solution is sprayed using peristaltic pump through spray nozzles very effectively the nozzle arm can be individually adjusted for optimum spray pattern. It takes about 2-3 hrs per batch. Film coating process involves stages namely: preheating -> film coating -> Drying -> Polishing – Finished Product

Sugar Coating
Here eccentric gear or lobe pump is used to pump viscous solution on to the products. It takes about 10-16 hrs per batch. Sugar coating process involves following stages namely : Sealing -> Sub-coating -> Coloring -> Fishing -> Polishing

It is achieved by superior design of the baffles that allows uniform and excellent mixing, with protective product handling.

Hot air is used normally for the evaporation of the sprayed suspension.

Inlet Air Handler
Inlet air handler consists of blower, pre filter, heater, final filter, Hepa filter.
Sometime dehumidifier is also used for better and uniform process control.

Process Air Flow
Here air enters from the rear or top of the machine while the outlet air comes out from the rear. The inlet air is channeled through the pan and the product bed in to the shoe to exhaust. The sealing of the outlet air is through static seal.

Exhaust Air Handler
Exhaust air handler is through blower and scrubber. This scrubber removes any residual discharge and meets the strictest emission laws.

Drive System
It has bearings mounted on the rear side of the pan and is separated from the process area. The belt drive is easily accessible after removal of the rear door.

The control system consists of a PLC panel with touch screen display of Allen Bradley make. The service panel is in technical area with switchgear items.

Easy to Clean
CIP system which provides an automatic cleaning function of the machine and does not require any personal attention as PLC system carries the job automatically.

We provide all validation documents along with IQ, OQ and DQ.
Spray nozzle arm can be completely withdrawn
from the coater via the trolley
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