Octagonal Blenders

SARAL Octagonal/Double cone blender is a very precision machine, performing dry blending of powder or granules in only 10 to 30 minutes. This machine is utilized for mainly homogenizing, blending and also for granules Octagonal Blenders.lubrication as that facilitates better flowability at a tablet press while compressing this granules.

Basic machine consists of a blender container which is supported both ends by stub shafts which are supported on plummer block bearings. Entire assembly is placed on a structure which has drive unit consisting of electric motor, gearbox, chain coupling and in case of heavy loads fluid couplings.

All parts coming in contact with mix are of stainless 316 quality and are highly polished. Drive motors, electrical control panel and control station are supplied in non flameproof as well as flame-proof, as per client’s requirements. In case of flameproof construction, the control panel should be located in low risk area.

There is a baffle made of S.S. 316 pipes inside which can be removed by loosing the nut between the baffles. Baffle assembly also depends upon the customer’s specific requirements. Baffles ensures uneven movement of mass during tumbling and results in better homogenizing. Blender has a discharge butterfly valve which if a client requires so can be operated through pneumatic actuator. Entire butterfly valve is of S.S. 316 with seats of silicon rubber.

All drive pulleys and belt are adequately guarded. Interlock is provided for the railing so that operator does not have access to the container when it is in motion. Machine will stop automatically once the blender main railing made to open.
Octagonal Blenders.
Octagonal Blenders.
DCVD – 1500L with unloading container
Octagonal Blenders.
DCVD – 1250L
Octagonal Blenders.
DCB – 250 L

Octagonal Blenders.Here the container is brought close to the blender on special trolley having lifting arrangement. This lifting pallet ensures that the container is lifted and is aligned with the transition piece fixed with the blender outlet butterfly valve. This transition piece mouth is clamped with the outer periphery of the container using special type of clamps. Now after clamping the container (100 lits) the blender is inched till the container is vertically inverted over the blender. Now once the container reaches upward inverted position, the butterfly valve is made to open by special hand wheel so that entire content of the container gets unloaded into the blender. Once it becomes empty, the valve is closed and container is brought again downward by rotating the blender again by 180oC and another container is fixed and raised and in similar way and this way entire powder content is unloaded. By this method material is loaded in batches of 50 kg each.
Here by using mobile hoist the IPC’s of 220 lits are raised over the blender and through dust free connection the entire powder content is unloaded into the blender by opening the butterfly valve. Thus material gets loaded through IPC’s and also after blending the discharged material also gets unloaded into IPC’s using another dust free connection set. There is a butterfly valve at the discharge. For loading the blender there is one opening made on the lid of the blender or lid for manhole of the blender. This way entire transfer of material is dust free.

Octagonal Blenders.

Octagonal Blenders. 

Hereby application of vacuum the entire blender is loaded using pneumatic conveying system. Blender container has two openings and through one such opening the blender is connected to the vacuum blower and through other it is connected to the IPC’s bottom portion which has a triclover arrangement. So the powder from PIC’s gets transferred to the blender using vacuum conveying. This is entirely dust free but expensive method.
Octagonal Blenders.
Double cone or twin shell blenders are modified to suit variety of purpose like for powder mixing, wet massing, agglomeration and drying. The specialized equipment typically includes a liquid feed through the trunnion of the machine, leading to a spray dispenser located above the axis of the rotation of the unit, a vacuum inlet port covered by appropriate fine filter sleeve which is also located above the axis of the rotation and out of direct path of powder motion. Arrangement for agitating elements capable of rotating within the powder mass contained in the blender. The blender may also employ a double wall construction to provide circulation of a heating medium – jacket heating with insulation around it. The attractiveness of double cone or twin shell as a continuous batch processor of wet granulation products hinges on the use of non aqueous granulation liquids.
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Octagonal Blenders
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